Genealogy blog discusses family scrapbooks

Just had a query from a woman who came across an 1870s family scrapbook pasted into a Congressional Record — probably from one of the earliest issue of the Congressional Record. Pasting into government reports and such received for free was common. When you first see a book like this it’s striking and unexpected. Once you have more of an idea of what about the book is common practice, other features will come to the fore that are unique to this particular scrapbook and to this family. Take a look at Erica Voolich’s genealogical blog, exploring family scrapbooks

Scrapbook makers teach about “Leaning In”

Nineteenth century women’s rights advocates used their scrapbooks as part of a strategy to manage their public image, and to shape public opinion. Along the way, they used their scrapbooks to build their careers as speakers and writers. Here’s the story dall with bookof how Caroline Healey Dall spoke back to the media, saved in her scrapbook and diaries. Learning to “Lean In” from our 19th Century Ancestors

I hear the second volume of the full version of Dall’s diary is coming out soon from the Massachusetts Historical Society, thanks to Helen Deese’s phenomenal editing work.

March 27 talk at Massachusetts Historical Society


From Mrs. Albert T. Leatherbee’s Anti-Suffrage scrapbook

Some of the extraordinary scrapbooks I worked with at the Massachusetts Historical Society will be on display there for my talk March 27, 6 pm (come early for wine and cheese). The lively (I’m told) talk, with lots of pictures, is on 19th Century Activists and Their Scrapbooks. Writing with Scissors talk at MHS — sign in to let them know you’re coming.

Interview on Lambda Literary


Gay Harlem Renaissance salonist L.S.Alexander Gumby making a scrapbook

What do scrapbooks have to do with queer history? Read David Blaustein’s interview with me on Lambda Literary and find out. David Blaustein interview on Lambda LiteraryAlice Austen

Alice Austen, photographer who shared her life with Gertrude Tate (and made a scrapbook).