July 17:Bring your wacky collection to City Reliquary/ Bklyn Historical Society Collector’s Night

Quirky collections on display and in discussion at City Reliquary’s evening of collections, Collectors-Night-2014-300at the Brooklyn Historical Society. I’m not a collector myself, unless you count dust and the bin of nonworking pens on my desk, but I’ll be speaking about scrapbooks as collections. It should be a fun evening. And if you have a collection to share, there may still be time to sign up to present it!

Collectors can sign up for Collectors Night by sending an email to collector@cityreliquary.org with the following information:
– Brief description of your collection (one or two sentences)
– A few photos (no more than 5)
– The amount of space you require for your display.
The Brooklyn Historical Soc is in Brooklyn Heights at 128 Pierrepont street.


19c scrapbooks in the Smithsonian Magazine!

Clive Thompson has a fine article on 19c scrapbooks in the July issue of the Smithsonian,

Scrapbook social media mashup

Scrapbook social media mashup

“When Copy and Paste Reigned in the Age of Scrapbooking: Today’s obsession with posting material to Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter has a very American history.” 

I’m quoted along with Susan Tucker and Jessica Helfand. Looking forward to your responses!